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The Muevnos Junior Pickleball Paddle Set is not just about play; it's about inspiring the champions of tomorrow. Whether your young players are getting started or already have a passion for pickleball, this set is the perfect stepping stone to a world of active fun.

Order the Muevnos Junior Set today and let your young ones embark on a journey of pickleball adventures, equipped with the finest gear. It's not just a game; it's a pathway to active play, learning, and making friends. Let the pickleball fun begin!

  • Perfect for Junior Players: Our paddles are perfectly sized for junior players, making it easy for them to learn and enjoy pickleball.
  • Built for Fun and Learning: The Muevnos Junior Paddles are designed to be easy to handle, promoting quick learning and skill development. They'll be having a blast while mastering the game.
  • Versatile Pickleballs: Our included pickleballs are carefully chosen to suit both indoor and outdoor play, ensuring your juniors have a fantastic pickleball experience anywhere.

2 Muevnos Junior Paddles: Crafted with their comfort and performance in mind, these paddles feature lightweight materials and the perfect grip size for smaller hands.

1 Indoor Pickleball & 1 Outdoor Pickleball: Our set includes two high-quality pickleballs, one optimized for indoor play and the other for outdoor adventures. These balls are designed for durability and consistent play, so your kids can enjoy rallies that last as long as their smiles!

1 Essential Grey Pickleball Bag: Let your kids carry their paddles and balls in style with our sleek and convenient pickleball bag. It's the perfect addition to keep their gear organized and ready for action.

  • Average Weight (Per Paddle): 180g
  • Paddle Length: 13.65in
  • Paddle Width: 6.8in
  • Grip Type: Comfort
  • Grip Length: 4.45in
  • Grip Circumference*: 3.6in
  • USAPA Certification: No
  • Core: Honeycomb Polypropylene
  • Surface: Reactive Fiberglass

*May vary +/- 0.2in


$66.00 SGD