Hi, we’re MUEVNOS - Thanks for dropping by!

Believe it or not, you probably chanced upon us the same way we did.

We are tennis lovers and love to get our little one to love the sport. We first struggled to find the right racket for her. Most grip sizes off the racks were not right for her. And it was physically demanding for her to cover the full length tennis court. Then there was the booking of tennis courts - IT WAS ALWAYS FULL DURING THE TIMES WE WANT TO PLAY.

That's when we stumbled upon pickleball, a delightful discovery in sunny (rainy) and tropical (windy) Singapore. It opened our eyes to the beauty of this sport, where agility and fun intersect. And what’s best, you can play it almost anytime, anywhere!

We wanted a kid sized, affordable, good quality paddle. Reasonable enough, right? We scanned far and wide and researched online and in
stores—but nothing we found ticked all our boxes. Either we were forced to go over budget, make her use an adult paddle or settle with the cheap wooden paddles that weighs a ton.

Family-Owned and Operated

We're a family-owned and operated business, deeply rooted in the values of teamwork, connection, and shared experiences. These values bring a personal touch to everything we do, ensuring quality in all that we offer.

Active Ambassador

At Muevnos, we're on a mission to support active lifestyles for everyone. We believe that exercise isn't just about staying fit; it's about fostering connections, building friendships, and sharing moments of joy.

We're not just business owners;

We're sports lovers and outdoor fanatics. Whether we're sailing on the open seas, shredding the slopes on snowboards or slicing balls across the net, we're passionate about staying active and enjoying life to the fullest.

The Story Behind the Name "Muevnos"


"Muevnos" is a playful blend of Spanish and English.
"Mueve" in Spanish means "move," symbolizing the vitality of sports and the act of coming together. "Nos" translates to "us" in both Spanish and English.

Deep Down...

We follow the "Singaporean" heartbeat, where cultures converge and stories intertwine. We wanted a name that echoed the spirit of movement and unity.

Our Aspirations...

We wanted Muevnos to encapsulate the dynamic energy of sports while embodying the essence of family togetherness.

Ready to Muevnos?

Our initial offering —a humble set with everything you need (two kids pickleball paddles, two balls, one for the indoor and one for the outdoors and a sports bag) to start playing.

Since then, we've been hard at work on making quality gear a reality, in a way that's right for us and our loved ones.

As for our range, it now includes a recreational adult paddle series, so that we can also join in the fun! We are also developing a carbon fiber series, that are now undergoing USAPA certification.